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Introduction to Ecotherapy; nature connection for wellbeing

Sun, June 12 2022

09:00 – 13:00 

Stanmer Park Local Nature Reserve

Stanmer Park






Feeling disconnected? Nature is a wonderful healer. The last two years have been a huge challenge for many, and the benefits of spending time outdoors have become increasingly clear. This Ecotherapy workshop will provide you with some tools to rediscover your joy in nature, help you feel more connected to the amazing planet and come away feeling revitalised and supported.

Having a deep, embodied connection with nature has been shown to increase wellbeing, boost the immune system, reduce stress and improve mood and sleep - while scientific studies have concluded that nature connectedness is a basic psychological need.

Being playful and creative outdoors allows us to rediscover our childhood wonder, reconnect with our natural, whole self, and feel more a part of the world we inhabit. Nature-based mindful practices and environmental art therapy will guide you towards a more meaningful, emotional relationship with nature. No previous art experience is necessary.

Remember, you are not just 'part of' nature: you ARE nature.

“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” Alan Watts

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