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nature connection ideas to try at home

Sit in nature; close your eyes

Feel the sun/breeze on your skin.

Let your body absorb the warmth 


Sit in nature, close your eyes

Observe your breathing, how it slows

Let the earth breathe you for a while


Sit in nature, close your eyes

Listen to the sounds all around you, the birds near and far, and in between…

Imagine you are sitting in a garden, based on the sounds you can hear


Sit in nature, eyes open

Observe the light and shadow around you

Notice the stillness 

Notice the movement


Go outside barefoot

Walk barefoot, walk slowly

Feel the ground under your feet

Slow your breath



Think about a quiet, peaceful time you have spent in the beauty of a natural area that attracted you. 

How did you feel there in comparison to being in a shopping centre, at work or school?


Go outside and look up at the sky

Look at the clouds

Look at the horizon



Get up early and watch the sunrise from a good vantage place

As the sun begins to peep over the horizon

Remember, the sun isn’t ‘coming up’, the earth is turning towards the sun

Feel the wonder


Allow yourself to fall in love…


With a tree!

Reconnect, Recover, Restore, Revitalise: Rewild your soul.

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