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corporate days

Employees who feel valued, respected and cared for - and who can see that their well-being is considered important at their workplace - feel more positive about their work, perform better  and are less likely to go off sick. Better sleep, less illness and increased ability to work as a team improve productivity for employers, and a company with happy staff who feel motivated and perform better, also attracts talent from elsewhere.

Thriving at Work, an independent review of mental health and employers found that the potential cost of mental ill health to an employer costs UK organisations between £33 and £42 billion each year, or  around £1,400 for each employee every year. 

Rewild My Soul runs nature connection enrichment days and Expressive Writing sessions for employees from all walks of life, which leave staff feeling valued, revitalised and connected to each other as well as the world around them. Employee Nature Connection courses include a range of activities to reduce stress, support positive mental health, boost confidence and self-esteem.

Activities range from mindfulness based nature walks and a variety of nature attunement practices such as creating environmental art and nature journaling. Practical activities such as natural crafts, foraging, fire making, den building can also be included. 

There is a substantial and ever-growing body of evidence on the health benefits of implementing both the arts and nature into working practice.

Get in touch to find out more or book a taster day for managers and team leaders. The coronavirus lockdowns negatively impacted many businesses and workforces, and many organisations have realised they need to place more emphasis on employee health as we move into a more positive future. 


Activities are delivered in a warm, relaxed and fun way, with the pace of the day adapted intuitively to participants. Rewild My Soul can cater for groups of up to 15 adults for each event, with half or full days available.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” Mary Oliver

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